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         LAW FIRM


      Our firm provides representation and legal consultancy services in order to obtain the needs and interests of its clients with the belief of the rule of law. 


Our firm is presented in the lists of "find a professional service abroad" of the UK FCDO, "Legal Assistance" of US Embassy&Consulate Turkey and "Qualified English Speaking Lawyers in Antalya" of the Danish Embassy in Ankara.

Lawyers of İbat & Aysun Law Firm are working non-stop to keep their information fresh on emerging trends and judicial decisions to keep you informed of developments. You can find some additional resources that you may find useful here, and contact us for your questions..

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52 Çakırlar Road , Yıldız,

Muratpaşa, Antalya

Tel & Fax

0 (242) 237 0 444


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